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2014 Major Awards

Awards will be:

  • Award


    Best Wine of Show
    The Whish Family Trophy
    Chief Steward's Pick of Golds Judges’ Trophy
    Champion Winery of Show Tricolour Ribbon from Glen Innes Show Society
    Best New England GI Wine of Show
    NSW Department of Trade & Investment
    Best Aromatic White Wine of Show
    Best Non-aromatic White Wine of Show


    Best Other Variety of White Wine of Show  
    Best Sweet White Wine of Show  
    Best Young Red Wine of Show
    Best Mature Red Wine of Show
    Hereford Steakhouse Glen Innes
    Best Other Variety Red Wine of Show
    Best Sparkling Wine of Show
    Glen Innes Severn Council
    Best Fortified Wine of Show
    Best Unfinished Wine of Show
    Certificate of Merit only

Note: Major Awards are determined from those wines that have won a Gold Medal in their Class. A Certificate of Merit may still be awarded for a wine that achieves a Silver Medal and is the highest point scorer in its class.

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NSW Trade, Business and Investment
Glen Innes Severn Council
NSW Food and Wine Trails

Glen Innes Show Society
Glen Innes Show Society
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